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Online Cooperation

Global Online Cooperation & Content Networking sites by MHinfinity

Online Cooperation is a website that connects people who want to cooperate on various projects online. Whether you are looking for a partner, a team, or a network, Online Cooperation can help you find the right match for your goals. Online Cooperation is operated by MH Infinity, s.r.o., a company based in Slovakia, in the European Union. Online Cooperation aims to promote online cooperation, and networks, and to provide a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge, and resources. Online Cooperation welcomes anyone who is interested in online cooperation, regardless of their location, language, or background.

Content Networking & Add own post to

Suitable for companies offering digital products = intangible goods and services

Hosting management & Affiliate projects

Hosting management is suitable for people who need a simple website with non-stop management services.

Affiliate projects are suitable for people who have public influence and want to monetize it on their own affiliate projects. For example influencers.

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